If one of your goals is to work on your social anxiety, you may find the following website useful. You will find the following on the website:.

Whether you are looking for self-help tools to work on social anxiety on your own, currently receiving therapy and looking for additional resources, or you are a professional looking to share your own worksheets, the website may be a valuable resource. An acronym often used in relation to goal setting is "S. For example, you might choose a goal to make five new friends this year. Your goal is specific 5 friendsmeasurable whether or not you meet this targetattainable if you work hard at meeting new peoplerealistic many people have at least 5 friends and time-bound to be achieved in the next 12 months.

An example of an unrealistic goal would be to never feel anxiety in social and performance situations. Such black and white thinking sets you up for failure, as you may always feel some anxiety in those situations. Here are some great steps to set your goals.

What would you like to change with respect to your social anxiety? Choose short, medium, and long-term goals in areas such as:. Be careful not to let your anxiety get in the way of choosing goals. Identify goals without any regard for how anxious they might make you feel. Be sure to also write down your goals to make sure you stick to them.

For example, if your goal is to make one phone call each day, start by choosing who you will call and make sure that you have the right phone number.

The Goals of Phobia Treatment

What might get in the way of you making five new friends? Identify those challenges and find ways to work around them. Join a club or take lessons of some sort to meet people if you don't cross paths with others often. Plan a regular time that you will work toward your goal. For example, you could visit the gym at the same time each week in the hopes that you may run into the same people each time.

You may need to write down the exact steps you will take to achieve your goal. For the new friends example, this might mean writing down steps such as conversation starters, how to keep the conversation going, etc. Having goals to work on your social anxiety won't do much if you are still lacking motivation. If you have succeeded at your goals, reward yourself.

Learn the best ways to manage stress and negativity in your life.Goal setting is an important part of overcoming social anxiety. Without setting a clear and specific objective, you are not as likely to follow through. Additionally, without a specific goal, how are you going to measure your success? Think of some short term goals as well as long term goals.

The short term goals weeks and months will help to keep you motivated and the long term goals will keep you on the path years. Make sure when you hit those short term goals that you celebrate them. Small wins lead to big wins. General: To make more friends. Specific: To make 2 new friends by the end of next month who I can hang out with at the bar, watching sports, at the movies, etc. General: Be more comfortable giving presentations Specific: To have a 50 out of fear level instead of a 90 out of fear level at next month's work presentation.

General: Deal with criticism better Specific: To be able to see the value in constructive criticism and to be able to stand up for myself when someone is giving me criticism out of a hostile place.

To be able to receive negative feedback during my annual review without getting upset. Not only to receive this negative feedback in stride, but also to consider all the positive things I have done this year. General: Ask questions in class Specific: Ask at least 1 question per class for the rest of the month.

General: To be better in group settings. Specific: To be able to make good, solid eye contact, make small talk, and speak loudly. Ok, so those are some examples to help get you on the right track. Think about some things that you are really struggling with.

Don't make goals that don't scare you a little bit. Keep your goals realistic, but also make sure your goals challenge you because that is how we grow. That is how we move beyond our comfort zone.If you have begun treatment or considering treatment for a phobia, you may be wondering how to determine the goals of your treatment.

What do you hope will be accomplished by addressing your phobia? What changes in your life are you hoping will take place? The goals of therapy for phobia are to reduce or eliminate the symptoms so you can perform daily activities, including making and managing money, taking care of your household, and maintaining healthy interpersonal relationships. The type of treatment you receive depends on the type of phobia you have and the severity of your symptoms.

There are three types of phobia:. While treatments for each type of phobia differ, the goals of treatment are to help you learn to manage your anxiety responses and function well in your daily life. The severity of the phobia and the impact it has on life vary tremendously. What is common, however, is that a phobia often limits people's life or prevents them from enjoying their life to the greatest degree possible. A good mental health professional will customize a treatment plan for you, which may include both talk therapy and medication.

Your treatment goals for specific phobia are likely to be met through the cognitive behavior therapy method known as exposure therapy. During this desensitization process, the therapist will gradually expose you to stimuli related to your fear in a safe and controlled environment. Before the exposure process begins, people first learn relaxation techniques that they can use to remain calm when faced with the source of their fears.

These techniques include deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, and visualization. The next step is to practice using these relaxation strategies gradually and progressively in the face of the feared object or situation. Research suggests that combining cognitive-behavioral therapy CBT with medication is an effective treatment for agoraphobia.

Medications work to address symptoms of anxiety in the short-term, while CBT helps change the thoughts and feelings that contribute to panic and anxiety symptoms.

Goal Setting and Social Anxiety Disorder

Your treatment plan for social phobia is likely to include a combination of talk therapy, medication, and role-playing. A medication commonly prescribed to help you reach your therapeutic objectives include:. The goals of therapy are essential to help you live your life fully without irrational thoughts and fears which interfere with your activities.Coronavirus Kid Care Kit detailing how to reassure kids in crisis by age group, structuring their day, menu of offline at-home activities, and managing technology use.

measurable treatment goals for social anxiety

Children with special needs and behavior problems stuck at home without structure can push their parents to the edge. Send them this free resource. Please note that the underlined blue text in this online IEP goals for anxiety document indicates clickable links to downloadable forms you can use in your counseling sessions. When given a frustrating situation i.

How do you get anxious kids to actually use coping skills? Want more? Check out my book Counseling Tools for Kids in Schools here.

measurable treatment goals for social anxiety

Or, book me for a workshop! You can also try my course, Anxiety and Children. Anxiety and Children has 14 lessons with videos detailing techniques for working with children who have trouble with anxiety, and downloadable forms and templates for you to use.

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IEP Goals for Anxiety

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Social Anxiety Treatment Plan Goals

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Cognitive Drill Therapy for phobia, obsessive compulsive disorders and social anxiety

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measurable treatment goals for social anxiety

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